Association GARUKA is a Rwandan National Non-Government Organization (NGO) whose name is a kinyarwanda word that means "Come back".  It was founded by a group of women volunteers inspired by the existing and increasing of children and youth problems following aftermath of Genocide against Tutsi, in drug abuse, family conflict, foreign influences circulated by digital technology (acculturation), youth unemployment, etc.  It was initiated for the first time in 2000 as an informal group of women meeting sporadically to discuss their religious mission and how it can contribute to the resolution of above current disquieting Rwandan and worldwide socio-economic problems.  The group strived to initiate some awareness activities aiming at understanding more the raised problems and a decision was taken to create a NGO named “Garuka” that was registered by RGB in 2015  


Our Vision is to build a generation of empowered children & youth and put an end to vulnerability of children in Rwanda.

          OUR MISSION

  • - Contribute to society's welfare,

    - World without vulnerable children

    - Seeing children enjoying equal rights,

    - see children in a family without social and economic problems,

    - help children grow socially and economically,

    - To fight against children's psycho-social difficulties, etc...

    - Building vulnerable children's futures,

    - Bring back vulnerable children to normal life.